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The most vital safety device in your car are brakes. The last thing anyone wants is for their brakes to go out. What do you have to do to ensure this doesn’t happen to you? You need to get your brakes checked twice a year. This can protect you and any passengers and will save you money in the future. If brake discs have any rough spots or irregular grooves, they need to be changed. If the pads have 1/8″ or less remaining, it is time to get new pads. If brake lines are cracked or rigid, they are no longer good. If you do not change your brakes when they are ready you will have destroyed several parts and it will cost you upwards of three times as much as a regular brake change. Get your brakes checked regularly (every 15,000 – 30,000 miles) with Graystone Automotive and you won’t have to worry! Call today!

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